Dannette is passionate about helping people birth the promises of God through supernatural hope and faith. She loves to encourage and intercede for others to reach their miraculous dreams, through the love of Jesus. Through Diamonds from the Dust, Dannette releases love letters from the Lord which are timeless and can be used again and again through each journey that a person has in knowing the heart of God and seeing personal dreams manifested. These love letters are rich in anointing and are weapons of mass destruction. God’s love has the power to heal, transform or change any person. With God, nothing shall be impossible!


Franzelle and Riandi both lived through--and triumphed over--their own personal health crises. They've created an inspiring atmosphere at The Natural Life where they share helpful and hope-filled recipes to nourish the whole family's spirit, soul and body. "Our family has grown incredibly since its inception. We have now moved on from the GAPS and Paleo diets, to a lifestyle that includes a broader spectrum of plant-foods, being intentional about listening to our individual bodies’ needs and responses. My hope is that in our journey as a family, and in my passion for pursuing real food and recipes, you will find ideas and help here that inspire you" (Franzelle).


For many, the teen years are a challenge. For some, these years are the battle of a lifetime. But then there are those who turn these hardships into triumphs—those with the Real Winning Edge. TRWE highlights young men and women from around the country and all different backgrounds and situations, each using their personal struggles to find faith, integrity, and incredible strength. Created by Dr. Diane Preston-Reilly, the show is a healthy alternative to violent entertainment.

“What we watch shapes our culture,” she says. “What we have created by allowing young people to watch violence constantly is young people who think violence is the way to solve their problems.”